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Computer file or photo gone? Don’t panic, it might only be misplaced!

Friday, March 14th, 2008

Sheree with Expodisk

A tidal wave of sweat surged across my body, and my stomach rocked with nausea.  The writing file I had requested was not to be found.  An error message about incorrect paths was the “helpful” information appearing on my laptop’s screen.  Had I accidentally erased my entire writing file? My mind spun as I comprehended the enormity of my situation, and the potential data loss.  Helplessly, I wrung my hands in despair.

I took a deep breath, gave my head a shake, and forced my heart to quell its tap-dance against my chest wall.  Then, I took the steps needed to solve my problem.

Has this happened to you?  Have you gone in search of a necessary file only to have your computer spew out a heart-stopping message that your document cannot be found?  If so, there is good news: The problem may be very simple, and even simpler to fix.

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How to Lose Your Camera and Achieve Instant Fame in 2 Easy Steps

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

You’ve just returned from your vacation.  You had a good time – partied hard, did a few things that maybe you shouldn’t have done, and took the pictures to prove it.  But now you realize you have misplaced your digital camera.  Is there anything worse than a lost camera full of vacation photos?  Yes.

It’s having those private pictures show up on the Internet for the entire world to see.

That’s the brainchild of University of Winnipeg student, Matt Preprost.  This newest Web guru has created a site designed to help unite lost digital photos and cameras with their (embarrassed?) owners.  It’s called,

Preprost’s wild idea has already netted results.  In only the first few days of the site’s launch, photos were reunited with their takers.

A combination of your creativity and Matt’s site, could be your ticket to fame…read on…