How to Lose Your Camera and Achieve Instant Fame in 2 Easy Steps

You’ve just returned from your vacation.  You had a good time – partied hard, did a few things that maybe you shouldn’t have done, and took the pictures to prove it.  But now you realize you have misplaced your digital camera.  Is there anything worse than a lost camera full of vacation photos?  Yes.

It’s having those private pictures show up on the Internet for the entire world to see.

That’s the brainchild of University of Winnipeg student, Matt Preprost.  This newest Web guru has created a site designed to help unite lost digital photos and cameras with their (embarrassed?) owners.  It’s called,

Preprost’s wild idea has already netted results.  In only the first few days of the site’s launch, photos were reunited with their takers.

A combination of your creativity and Matt’s site, could be your ticket to fame…read on…

Twenty year old Preprost made a brilliant move when he contacted the owner of one of the world’s most successful blog sites,  He suggested merging a lost photo posted on the PostSecret site into a brand new site dedicated to reuniting lost cameras and photos with their owners.

The website is new, but it’s not a new idea.  People have been trying to reunite found photos with their owners for a long time.  The website has only made the attempts more efficient.  In the first few days, the site drew 150-thousand hits. 

Lost cameras are a reality.  And in light of the new lost photos site, it might behoove those taking personal pictures to take a bit of advice; it’s the same advice given to those posting on another hugely successful web site, Facebook. 

“Is this a picture you’d want your mother, or your boss, or your spouse to see?”

Here’s some more advice: 

Travel with your laptop, or an independent storage drive, like a Wolverine.  Download your photos off your camera’s memory card daily.  And then format your card.  That way, even if you lose your camera, or your memory card, you will have most of your photos, and you won’t have shared your intimate private photos with the audience on the World Wide Web.

Seeking fame?

But then on the other hand, if you are really adventurous, and you are seeking instant celebrity, shoot the most creative and controversial digital photos you can imagine, and then purposely lose your camera somewhere.  Like in New York’s Central Park, or the Heathrow airport in London.  It’s bound to found. 

But be sure to write these words somewhere on your camera’s body:  If found, please post to

That oughta do it.

Sheree Zielke

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One Response to “How to Lose Your Camera and Achieve Instant Fame in 2 Easy Steps”

  1. Stephanie says:

    I don’t know if I would want someone to post pictures of me across the internet. I prefer a safer and easier method. I use TrackItBack, a lost and found recovery service. I have put their labels on my camera, cell phone, laptop, mp3, pretty much anything and everything that I own. They return anything I lose for free, and I never have to worry about people all over the internet seeing my personal photos or information.