Bloggist: Sheree Zielke — Who is She?

Sheree Zielke 

Sheree is a 50-something Baby Boomer who lives for travel, writing, photography and TEACHING!  Sheree is a digital camera and photography instructor in an arts college in her home city in Alberta, Canada.  She is also a regular contributor to a local Senior’s newspaper, a travel writer and bloggist (Sheree prefers the word bloggist over blogger — she says blogger sounds so ungainly!), and a jewelery designer.

Photographer and travel writer, Sheree Zielke.

Sheree developed a relationship with PicaJet management and was asked to start a blog dedicated to travel, digital cameras, and photography.  It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 

For more about Sheree, visit her home site at Visuals by Sheree.

Or see her travel articles at Baby Boomers Forever.

For a humorist perspective on travel and other world issues, check Sheree’s blog.

Sheree invites your comments and your continued readership of her articles.  Tell her if she’s missed the boat on an explanation.  She’s a big girl; she can take the criticism.


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