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Computer file or photo gone? Don’t panic, it might only be misplaced!

Friday, March 14th, 2008

Sheree with Expodisk

A tidal wave of sweat surged across my body, and my stomach rocked with nausea.  The writing file I had requested was not to be found.  An error message about incorrect paths was the “helpful” information appearing on my laptop’s screen.  Had I accidentally erased my entire writing file? My mind spun as I comprehended the enormity of my situation, and the potential data loss.  Helplessly, I wrung my hands in despair.

I took a deep breath, gave my head a shake, and forced my heart to quell its tap-dance against my chest wall.  Then, I took the steps needed to solve my problem.

Has this happened to you?  Have you gone in search of a necessary file only to have your computer spew out a heart-stopping message that your document cannot be found?  If so, there is good news: The problem may be very simple, and even simpler to fix.

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