Dominica: Roads Awful, but Rain Forest Tram is a Must-Do!

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Dominica in the Caribbean, is a small island that plays big. Especially if you brave the tiny winding roadways filled with rubble, and make your way up to the rain forest aerial tram. Bring your rain poncho.

Dominica was so named by Columbus in 1493; the name means the Lord’s Day. If you arrive by cruise ship, you will dock or tender in to the main port of Roseau, on the southwest side of the island. Roseau is very charming, and if you have chosen not to explore the island any further, you will enjoy investigating the town. But you really should make an effort to visit Dominica’s rain forest.

You can hire a cab (negotiate a fare first as the cabs are unmetered), but it’s best to join an excurision with a comfy van, and a very qualified driver. You will NOT want to hire a car, and try navigating Dominica’s roads unless you are used to narrow, squiggly lanes, filled with huge potholes and debris. And that’s just the main roadways; the road into the rain forest is more of a pathway where drivers must pull over to allow each other to pass.

Once at the tram, you will wait in a couple of lines (sort of like Disneyland) and you might be standing for a long while (depending upon how many ships are in port). Bring along a rain poncho, a garbage bag, or a light rain coat (it’s hot in the rain forest), because you will stand in the pouring rain.

Once you climb the stairs up to the 9-man green metal gondola, you will be sorted out by size. A guide rides along on every tram, and narrates the ride. At one station, you can leave the tram and opt to follow your guide on a 15-minute walk. This is highly reccomended. You will love the trek into the rain forest, and the views you’ll get from the suspension bridge that crosses a deep river gorge. (Those who choose not to take the walk, can wait on a wooden bench at the station.)

The tram glides soundlessly through thick jungle foliage. You won’t see a lot of animal life, but you can hear the birds. You will get opportunities to take close-up photos of jungle vegetation as you creep along. (Like the one showing.)

Plan a good 1/2 day for your aerial tram adventure — a couple of hours transporting back and forth to the tram, and about 90 minutes on the tram itself.

A ride on a rain forest aerial tram in Dominica is money well spent!

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