MotoRokr T505: Talk, Drive and Chew Gum at the Same Time!

Years ago, there was a nasty little thing you could ask someone you disliked.It went like this:  “Can you walk AND chew gum at the same time?”

Today, the question might be, “Can you drive and talk on your cellphone at the same time?”

If you are a frequent traveler – vehicle driver – who must contend with irresponsible drivers who weave dangerously through traffic, a cellphone glued to one ear, then you will love this newest bit of technology.  It’s called the MotoRokr T505.

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Motorola has just announced a new product that will revolutionize the act of driving a car and talking at the same time; it’s the MotoRokr T505 Car Speakerphone.  That comes as great news to those of us who use our vehicles for frequent travel.  Anything that will improve road safety is more than welcome.

The T505 device is small, about the size of a cigarette package, and is to be clipped to the car’s sunvisor.  It will make any cellphone or Blackberry completely hands-free so long as they are Bluetooth-enabled. The device uses a vehicle’s FM radio system.  You will be able to play music through it, too. But when a call comes in, the device blocks out the music.

The MotoRokr T505 differs from other such devices in that it is portable; it moves with the driver from vehicle to vehicle. It’s charged through the car’s cigarette lighter portal, so a driver will have to remove the device from the sunvisor for charging.  Or they must live with a cord across their line-of-sight.  But charging won’t be necessary often because the manufacturer promises up to 18 hours of talk time, and 14 days of standby time.

The best news to drivers is that the T505 needs absolutely NO installation.  Just buy, plug and listen.  Setting up the T505 is relatively easy: turn on the phone and the T505; the device itself will locate the best FM channel for you, using Motorola’s “StationFinder” technology; it then announces the channel to you.  In addition, incoming callers’ numbers are announced to the driver.

In recent reviews on, the T505 is ranked as “very good.”  Some drawbacks, indicated in a site review by Cathy Lu, include the device’s inability to play music from an iPhone.

The MotoRokr T505 comes with a car charger, but a wall charger is available for an additional fee.

Now if only the responsible drivers among us could convince the road crazies to buy one of these sensible devices.  Then we’d all be able to drive, talk, and chew our gum, safely.

Sheree Zielke

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2 Responses to “MotoRokr T505: Talk, Drive and Chew Gum at the Same Time!”

  1. Interesting, thanks.

  2. Cindy says:

    Do you have to turn the device off an on when you get in the car. Also, it doesn’t always play through the radio??? Help for someone who is not Bluetooth knowledgeable. Do you have to select the radio station every time you get in and out of the car?

    Thanks, Cindy