Travel Accessories: Marking Your Possessions for Easy Return to YOU!


Do you like good service?  How about great new products?  Especially products that make your life easier?


Me, too.


And, if like me, you travel a great deal, you know that any product or service that will make your travel experience better, is very welcome.  I have found at least one.


Read on . .


Dianart Leather Shoulder BagI rDianart Leather Shoulder BagDianart Leather Shoulder Bagecently wrote about a new web site that reunites camera owners with their lost cameras:  But the success of that reunion depends largely on the lost camera actually being found, its photos being posted to the web site, and then having a camera owner actually check the web site for his lost camera.  In my estimation, that’s far too many parts to the formula to guarantee a positive turnout.


There is a better way.


It’s called, It works like this: you go to the site, fill out your personal information, pay the fee, and wait.  You will receive a package of customized “waterproof, permanent-adhesive-backed, polyester” labels


There are a large variety of labels: some with only your name, some with your name and your phone number, and some with your email address.  Some are skinny, some are wider, some are round, and some are very tiny, but all labels are very readable, and easy to apply.  And they can be attached to anything you own: luggage, cell phones, laptops, cameras, and best of all, your camera’s tiny memory cards.


You’ll receive a bonus, too: tiny little rulers that can been stuck to your cell phone, your iPod, or your Palm Pilot. As Martha Stewart would say, “It’s a good thing.”


Thanks, Paul.




On another note, do you have a favorite suitcase or carry-on bag that has been damaged in transit?  I have a large Roots bag; it’s rectangular in shape, deep, and tough, except for its handles.  On a recent trip overseas, the luggage monkeys at one of the airports ripped one handle out of its socket.  I hated to throw out the suitcase because it packs well, and is so easy to spot on the luggage conveyor belt.  There was no way I could repair it myself, so I went in search of someone who could repair it.


I was surprised to find that luggage-repair places exist.  I found one in my city: McLean Luggage (Edmonton). It was a long way across the city from me, but Mike made my trip well worth the effort.


Kudos to this very busy man who not only fixed my suitcase, in only a couple of minutes, but offered to do so while I waited.  And then he charged me a mere $10.


In exchange for his great service, I shopped around his luggage-stuffed shop.  I found one of the most perfect travel bags I have ever seen.  Made from leather, and ergonomically designed so weight is spread across the shoulders and chest, instead of resting on only one shoulder, the handsome Dianart bag was a great find.  It wasn’t cheap, but it was on sale.


Thanks, Mike.



Sheree Zielke


Sheree with Expodisk


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3 Responses to “Travel Accessories: Marking Your Possessions for Easy Return to YOU!”

  1. Dave Rice says:


    Thanks for the pointer to your blog. You can also get backpacks, luggage, and sporting equipment repaired at Totem Outfitters on 99 st.


  2. Sheree says:

    Thanks, Dave. I appreciate the comment. We travelers need to know how to rescue our favorite banged-up bags.


    PS It was nice meeting you in my camera class; I am looking forward to seeing you again.

  3. batteries says:

    Thanks for the information on Accessories. This was a lot of help.

    Have a good day.