Exotic Travel Destinations: Explore Without Leaving Your Armchair!

Is it hard for you or someone else you know to go traveling?  Maybe you are a grandparent who would love to take a grandchild traveling, but can’t afford the expense.  Or maybe you have some spare time; you like playing computer games, and you would like to explore some unfamiliar cities.  Here’s a cheap solution; it’s called Big Fish Games.

The online games site offers a variety of “hidden object” games that take the player to well-known tourist spots in big metropolitan areas around the world, like Rome, Venice, Sydney, and San Francisco.

The site’s “Travelogue 360” games take players to Paris and Rome. Sydney, Australia, and San Francisco, California are featured in the site’s “Big City Adventures” games.

The games are challenging and can be easily understood by nearly any age of player.  And best of all, they are fun!

 The newest Big City Adventures game features Sydney; it has 75 rounds which includes hunting for 12 hidden items per screen, hint coins, and bonus activities consisting of jigsaw puzzles, matching games, and bonk-the-crocodile-on-the-head game.

The game offers several playing options including “relaxed” or “timed” play.  In addition, players can operate the game’s special effects and music volumes, and they can choose a full or wide screen.

Once a player accomplishes a round, he or she is rewarded with a cute icon (a souvenir of the tourist stop they’ve just explored).  Tourist stops in Sydney include:  China Garden of Friendship, Fort Denison, Sydney Opera House, Powerhouse Museum, and the Harbour Bridge.

The game, while being entertaining, can be an excellent teaching tool; every Sydney tourist attraction is highlighted with tidbits of interesting information.

Players can increase their score with “Quick Find Bonuses” which are given when hidden objects are found and clicked on, one after the other, in quick succession.  Players can also increase their score by finding (and retaining) all the hidden coins in the various screens.  Some of the coins can later be used for hints as to the hidden objects’ locations.

Big City Adventures graphics are bright, colorful and attractive.  Players may choose a character from among a group of tourists including children, parents, and grandparents.

The best part of the Big City Adventures hidden object game is that it’s so affordable, just $7.99 per game (if you are a member of the club).

Make your next trip right from your armchair with a Big Fish Game.  For a more adult audience, try the site’s hidden object mystery games like its Jack the Ripper Mystery in London.

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2 Responses to “Exotic Travel Destinations: Explore Without Leaving Your Armchair!”

  1. Now if only VR was invented. I’m sure the airliners, tourist agencies, and tour operators would be bankrupt. Unfortunately, nothing beats the exhilaration and feel of actually being there so the above mentioned business have nothing to fear. I have actually been to some tourist locations here in our hometown (Philippines) and by gosh, looking at pictures in the net and physically touching them is two (very!) different feelings. So save up for those vacation plans and actually feel it for yourself (there is no beating the real thing)