Moonrise over the Amazon

Moonrise over the Amazon

If you are looking for a truly memorable adventure, an awe-inspiring vacation, then set your sights on Brazil and the Amazon River.

At first glance, the dirty brown Amazon is confusing, but once you get into a small wooden boat or canoe, and head off down one of its tributaries, it will all come clear.

A good starting out point is Manaus, Brazil. This city was once the wealthiest in the world because of Henry Ford and the rubber industry. Now it is a hustling bustling home to nearly 2 million people, and as to its former splendor, other than the Opera House, only shadows remain. But Manaus, like the Amazon River, has character.  It’s claim to fame now is that it is a duty-free zone so it attracts the huge corporations like Honda and Sanyo.

I couldn’t resist, as we sped along in our 10-person canoe, dipping my hand into the dark water. To my surprise, it was as warm as bath water. It is an experience I will never forget, and one you really must consider.

This “moonrise” shot was taken after a day spent in the Amazon, along a tributary off the Rio Negro. We explored the jungle, and we went night-hunting for cayman, with a searchlight, not a gun. My guide pointed this out as I sat deep in contemplation about my experience.

Would I ever return? In a second.

By the way, we stopped our Malorne anti-malaria meds. After finding out just how scarce Malaria is in the Manaus area, we made sure our bare arms and legs were covered, our clothing was sprayed with 25% Deet, and then dumped the drugs. We just couldn’t take the headaches and the sleepiness.

Note: If you are looking for a personal guide in the Amazon, be sure to write to me. I’ll send you our guide, Eni’s, information.

Wishing you safe and happy travels,
Sheree Zielke

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