Florida Keys and the Everglades – See the Gators close up at Gator Park!

“Go ahead, make my day!”

We can’t bear heading straight home to our climate of snow and ice after spending weeks in the tropics. Having just finished off a 14-day adventure through the Caribbean islands and up the Amazon, we felt a short stay in the Florida Keys would help to ease the pain of transition. And so it did, in spite of the unusually cool temperatures.

Caught this big gator at Gator Park, a spot just down from the “Here is Robert” fruit stand (a place everyone must visit at least once in their lifetime – try his mangoes and his giant grapefruits) and the famous Florida Everglades National Park.

Gator Park offers a variety of attractions including a snake exhibit and snake show, alligator exhibition and feeding, an airboat ride, and the best thing — baby alligators. You’ll even get the chance to hold one.

Entry fees are very reasonable and discount coupons can be found in many of the Keys tourist brochures. Gator Park is not that far a drive from Miami, and is definitely a great way to spend 2-3 hours.

Wishing you safe and happy travels,
Sheree Zielke

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