Port of Manaus, Brazil – Why Would Anyone Want to Go There?

Port of Manaus, Brazil: A Photographer’s Dream Shoot

Manaus, Brazil? Who has ever even heard of Manaus, Brazil except, of course, a few corporate giants like Honda and Sanyo? And those folks who have set the Amazon River as a destination.

Yet, Manus is one of those cities that simply must be visited at least once in a traveler’s lifetime.

Founded back in 1660, Manaus is now a bustling major port on the Amazon River. It lies at the confluence of the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimoes waterways – the two rivers that create the mighty Amazon.

Manaus is probably best known for its history as a rubber capital and for once being the wealthiest city on the planet. But that was some time ago; once the Brazilian rubber trade was undermined by a British horticulturalist who smuggled rubber tree seeds into Europe, Manaus quickly fell from the limelight.

Today, the port of Manaus plays host to the smaller cruise ships that can navigate the Amazon, like the Pacific Princess, and the hoards of riverboats, ferry boats, and river taxis that run endlessly, their decks choked with villagers.

Manaus is also a great jumping off point if you wish to explore the Amazon rainforest. Excellent friendly guides are available whose wealth of jungle knowledge is astounding.

Get one of them to take you alligator-hunting at night!

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