Get ready for the Edmonton Indy 2008!

Look Ma, No Hands!

As Edmonton, Alberta prepares for its first Edmonton Indy this July 24-26, here’s a look back at some of the entertainment provided at the city’s last Grand Prix events.

Going Down!

Trick dirtbike riders were featured at the 2006 Grand Prix. This added attraction was not for the faint of heart. These boys performed their stunts about 50 feet in the air.

This is just nuts! by Sheree Zielke

Right side up, upside down, and inside out. No hands, no feet, no motorbike, at least for a split second.

Hey, Wait for Me! Their moms must have chewed their fingernails down to the first knuckle as they watched these kids grow up.

Who Moved the Platform?

Time to reserve your tickets for the Edmonton Indy.  Gold Seat tickets will cost you a chunk of change, but the cheap seats WAY around the other side of the track are affordable.   Wear your most comfortable shoes; it’s a long walk around the track.

Newman Haas Lanigan, Andretti Green and Rahal Letterman teams will be there.  Drivers include Marco Andretti, recent winner, Danica Patrick, and Justin Wilson.

The best idea?  Buy a Pit Walk-thru pass and hang out by the crews during race day.  Wear ear plugs!  It’s loud when those cars roar in.

Sheree Zielke

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2 Responses to “Get ready for the Edmonton Indy 2008!”

  1. Michelle Simmons says:

    Love it!!!!!!

  2. Sheree says:

    Hey, Michelle . . . thanks for visiting. Come back any time. Hope your photography with that wonderful new Olympus E-3 is going splendidly.