Don’t just let them sit there! Post your photos to the Internet!

Directions, please!

Are you taking photos and letting them sit in your computer’s digital dungeons, or worse, on a memory card? What a shame since sites like Flickr are just a mouse click away. I spent several hours at a harvest festival outside of our city this weekend. The colors and the festivites were so vibrant; there was no end to photo opportunities.

This little Halloween teddy bear came into my possession (my husband won him in a “fish pond”). I loved his strong orange color and decided to add him to my shots. He turned out to be the perfect subject, so well-behaved and so patient.

I could have posted this photo of him as I had taken it, but Flickr also offers this cool photo manipulation program called, “Picnik.” And well, using Picnik, is as much fun as a picnic. And it’s so easy.

You can do it, too. Like I did, you can manipulate (tweak) your photo’s colors, contrast, and midtones. And you can add a frame or text, like the orange text I added to the white sign. It was just crying out for a little creativity.

Flickr is so easy to use and it’s free unless you choose to go “Pro” and even that is ridiculously inexpensive.

Go on. Get your photos out of your computer’s digital dungeon and share them with friends and family. Or the world.

Happy Halloween!

Wishing you safe and happy travels,
Sheree Zielke

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