Foreign travel can be dangerous: Visit these sites for traveler reports

Alberta Pond by Sheree Zielke

This is a typical sight from an Alberta highway.  A quiet little pond, so innocuous, so charming.  But many countries, many lands have similar vistas – sights which look perfectly safe, including those sights in some of the more questionable areas of the world like Egypt and Africa. 

How can a traveler know if a decision to explore a new world is a smart decision? 

Luckily, there are many web sites that can help you make an informed decision.  Some even have links to other travel tools (like currency conversion charts) that make travel to a foreign land a whole lot easier.

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It took only a couple of minutes to find a wealth of information: travel advisories, warnings, reports, and travel aids for countries around the world.

Some of the sites are extremely helpful – like the government sites, while others are lacking in serious content.  Here are some of the travel report sites I found useful:

  1.  (Diseases?  Insects?  What vaccinations are necessary?)
  2.  (A little light in advice, but worth a look.)
  3. (Canadian?  Check this site for travel advice on foreign destinations.)
  4. (US State Department advisory site)
  5. (This is a must for American travelers.  Hurrican season?  Intercountry adoptions? Lost or stolen passports?  This site has a wealth of infomation.)
  6.  (This is very cool.  Print out a conversion chart and tuck it into your wallet for a quick guide on the local currency.)
  7.  (Australian?  This site is for you.)
  8. (This site is for Britoners, but the information is valid for any traveler.)
  9.  (Up to date travel alerts from around the world, ranging from info to caution to disaster.)
  10. (Current hurricane conditions around the world.)
  11. (Amazing links for all nationalities.)

Why take an uninformed chance on booking your next vacation when round-the-world, up-to-the-minute information is available 24-7?  A few minutes of reading could mean the difference between a great memory and a terrible regret.

Wishing you safe and happy travels,

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