Calgary Zoo’s Stingray Deaths Sad But Zoo Offers Much More

Lion Pair by Sheree Zielke

The stingray deaths at the Calgary Zoo have continued to baffle authorities.  The cownosed rays began dying en masse this past Sunday in a new exhibit that opened just a few months ago, in mid-February.  Toxins or poisons are suspected in the rays’ deaths although recent water tests have come up as clean.  Zoo veterinarians have eliminated the possibility of moisture lotions or sunblock creams as the source of any contamination of the touch pools.

As sad as the stingray deaths are, the Calgary’s Zoo, Botanical Garden, and Prehistoric Park, with over 290 species of animals, has so much more to offer its patrons.  Opened in 1929, The Calgary Zoo celebrates its 80th birthday next year.

If you’re planning a trip to western Canada, be sure to include the Calgary Zoo in your plans.  And here’s why you should do that . . .

What’s your favorite animal?  Gorillas, giraffes, tigers, elephants, zebras, lions, snakes, dinosaurs?  You’ll find all these animals on display at the Calgary Zoo.  (No, the dinosaurs aren’t alive, they’re just cement statues, but they are fun to visit.)

Zebra by Sheree Zielke

Themed exhibit areas include Australia, the Arctic, Africa, the Canadian Wilds with its realistic outdoor sets, and Eurasia, with its snow leopards and red pandas.  The Prehistoric Park pays tribute to an ancient Alberta, a time when dinosaurs ruled the province.  Creatures of the Night is a darkened exhibit catering to those of us who love nocturnal animals, like bats, that thrive in the dark.  Other exhibits include Western Lowland gorillas (the zoo lost four gorillas in 2007, including a new baby) and several species of monkeys including gibbons and colobus monkeys.  The zoo’s Savannah building is home to hippos and giraffes.

Plant and garden enthusiasts will love the botanical gardens and the Dorothy Harvie conservatory with its themed areas: the Rainforest, the Butterfly Garden, and the Tropical Garden.

Elephant Face by Sheree Zielke

The zoo is open from 9-5 daily.  The Calgary Zoo is located between Memorial Drive and 9th Avenue SE.

For zoo coupons and discounts on other Calgary attractions, click HERE.

If you are planning to visit western Canada, stay tuned as I will be posting entries dealing with cities, towns, and tourists attractions in the Alberta area that might intrigue you.

Sheree Zielke

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