Scarborough, Tobago – Cabbies are cheap, and the sightseeing is priceless!

Handyman Special: A Fixer-Upper in Scarborough, Tobago

Here is an instance where smaller just might be better. Tobago is much smaller than its sister island of Trinidad (Tobago is only about 26 miles long and 6 miles wide), but you might discover it has way more charm.

What’s more is that the cost to travel around the island is affordable compared to other places in the Caribbean.

If you are docking in Scarborough, Tobago as a cruise ship passenger, you’ll find being a tourist here is very easy. Get off the ship, and head into the cruise ship terminal. That’s where you’ll find the tourist bureau.

Taxi drivers, many of them, are all lined up and waiting to chauffeur you around the island. The better news is that a cabbie will cost only $25/hour before tip.

Things to do include sun-bathing at Pigeon Point beach; history buffs may enjoy a visit to Fort King George; bird lovers will definitely want to head up into the rainforest reserve (it was established in the late 1700s); and nature lovers won’t want to miss the 3-tiered Argyle waterfall.

Just wandering around the town of Scarborough is a great adventure. Up the hill from the docks, I found this picturesque old building bedecked in trailing vines. The people are quite friendly and easily approached if you need information.

There is a huge marketplace and plenty of places to eat. However, I would still encourage you to grab a taxi and spend 2-4 hours sightseeing.

If your time is limited, head up into the rain forest. The traffic is very light, and you can pull over and immerse yourself in the sounds of the forest. You will see many colorful birds and gorgeous plants. A camera is a must.

Wishing you safe and happy travels,
Sheree Zielke

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