How to Choose the Right Cruise Ship for Your Family!

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Bored kids?  Bored grandparents?  Bored you?  Is there a cruise line that is perfect for the entire family?  Yes.

With the huge number of cuise lines to choose from, and the even bigger number of individual ships in the line, the task of choosing a ship that will be perfect for your family might seem impossible.

There is hope.  And help.  One of the Internet’s most popular social sites for cruisers has come up with it “Editors’ Picks” for 2008.  Among the site’s conclusions includes the BEST family ships and the BEST ships for fitness buffs.

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Cruise Critic is a very popular site among cruisers.  It’s a great site to get inside candid information from veteran cruisers on everything from itineraries to ports-of-call to advice on shore excursions and tips for enjoying your next cruise.

One of the most helpful products coming from the site is its Cruise Critic Editors’ Picks Awards.  Here are some of the highlights from the site’s 2008 list:

  1. Disney Cruise Line wins hands-downs for BEST Kids’ Programs.  No kidding!  (Pardon the pun)
  2. Carnival got the nod for the BEST Value for Money.  (No surprise there)
  3. Celebrity Cruises was applauded for their BEST Healthful and Alternative Dining.  (That’s an important factors among traveling Boomers)
  4. Oceania Cruises takes the trophy for BEST dining.
  5. If it’s BEST Luxury Staterooms you are looking for, Regent Seven Seas got the nod. (Absolutely)
  6. Royal Caribbean picked up FIVE awards including BEST Family Cruises and BEST Teen Programs. (That one is not so surprising since a Caribbean vacation is much easier to take a family on than a transatlantic voyage, or a European cruise.)
  7. If you are planning a Honeymoon, Windstar Cruise Line is voted the BEST.
  8. Royal Caribbean and its gym equipment and sports programs has also been lauded as the BEST for Fitness Enthusiasts.
  9. Carnival took the gold for BEST Shore Excurions.  (That’s good news for families)
  10. Norwegian Cruise Lines was not to be outdone; the line took the title for BEST Entertainment.

There you have a brief overview, but for a more in-depth study of different cruise lines and their individual ships, try the Cruise Critic site.

You’ll find the 2008 Cruise Critic Editors’s Picks as a download, too.

Wishing you safe and happy travels,
Sheree Zielke

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